Thursday, 10 September 2015

Beating the baby bulge

It seems like a lifetime ago since I last wrote, why? because I have been busy being a new mum again. My beautiful baby boy is almost 4 months and I am enjoying every last minute of him and of me being a new mum again, however the time has come again to get my body back!

As you know, I've always battled with my weight but I really want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 11st 4lb even though that was overweight for my height of 164 cm.
I am currently 13st so have around 1.5 st of baby weight to lose to get back to where I started.
It's difficult seeing my body like this. I embraced pregnancy and my body changing, as I was growing a baby but now I hate every ugly ounce of this unsightly flab and as I have just stopped breastfeeding i'll now do ANYTHING to get rid of this fat.

So where to start? As a mum to a young baby some options are out. I need to keep my energy up so any plan/diet that will make me feel weak or tired may be out, things like fasting and cutting out large food groups, like carbs, may prove difficult. I have however joined a gym (yay me!) and intend to go 3 times a week so that's a good start.

As much as I want to rid myself of this fat suit asap, I know that it took 9 months to put it all on, so to lose the weight and keep it off I have to be realistic and give myself at least 9 months to get rid of it all. Any advice you may have - send it my way!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Fitbit Flex

I attended a conference with work recently and they talked about wearable technology and amongst the things like Occulus Rift and Google Glass it was the Fitbit that piqued my interest...

If you're a regular reader you'll know I try every weight loss app, device, diet, pill and whatever else is out there, and as I am every salesmans' dream, off I went to John Lewis and made my purchase, luckily it was £10 off so I got my Fitbit Flex for £69.95 in Navy blue. I had considered the Jawbone UP but there were 2 options. The one that was about £70 didn't sync by bluetooth and the one that did was £100 up - my choice was pretty simple...

Before making my purchase I'd intended to increase my activity and was using the Moves app on iOS which is great but just kills you battery and also you have to take your phone EVERYWHERE! not really that convenient if you don't wear trousers with a pocket everyday.

I got my Fitbit, charged it up and the next day put it on.
Initially it bugged me as I had to wear it on my non-dominant wrist as it more accurate but this is the wrist I usually wore my watch on so it took some getting used to but after a while I forgot it was there. It was comfortable and not bulky and I really do love it!

It keeps me motivated. I purposely takes the stairs, go out at lunchtime for walks and get up every hour to get a glass of water (which it also tracks) and as I have synced it with IFTTT (in app store)  if I haven't achieved my target (you can set steps, miles or active periods) by 7pm I get a text message to alert me, so I'm off out again and the buzz you get (literally and figuratively) when you achieve you target is brilliant! I've actually stood there and celebrated my success, (well no-one else will!) picture Rocky at the top of the steps.

I haven't weighed myself, I fell out of love with the scales but I do feel better about my fitness, it's really not just about my weight with this, I feel really good increasing my activity level.

Other stuff it does

It monitors your sleep and tells you how many hours sleep you have, how many times you were awake and how any times restless, and if you sync it with the IFTTT app,  if you have less than the optimum hours sleep it can warn your friends and colleagues via social media (of your choosing) that you might just be a bit grumpy :-)
You can also record exercise, diet and water intake.


Downside to the Fitbit flex though, the first one kinda died. You have to charge it about every 4 days, after a few weeks I was having to charge it every day , then it went down to every 12 hours, obviously not what was meant to happen but I returned to John Lewis and got a new one as you get a 1 year warranty. Also there is no UK food database so you can link it ti My Fitness Pall and track food there if you want to. It does work really well with a lot of other apps.

As a motivational tool I can't fault it and for those of you like me who like to track progress and set goals it fantastic!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Are you having a super-fat day?

(as opposed to a super fat-day)

What I mean here is are you bloated?, are your trousers cutting into your belly?, do you slacks feel more like leggings?

Yep - been there with all of that too!
Presently, I am in the throes of coming off the evil combine contraceptive, Yasmin, and as my hormones wreak havoc on my body causing weight gain - yes really, not just due to my love of food but genuinely due to low progesterone and all sorts of other shizzle it has not only making me a raving mad woman (and at other times a whimpering crying fool) but very fat, puffy and bloated.

To alleviate my pain and suffering I have found the most amazing supplement.

Dandelion (Taraxucum officinale)

(Loving named "wee the beds" when I was a kid)

Now I have taken water tablets before but the pure tincture on its own is amazing. I feel lighter, I am so much less bloated and wobbly.
I take 20 drops in a small glass of water first thing in the morning alongside a shot of Pure Aloe Vera gel and bobs your uncle.

So if you need a quick fix for bloating and weigh gain which you defo know if down to water retention weight then give this amazing product a go.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

5:2 Aloe Vera weight loss plan

This is a protocol I thought I’d try, combining the 5:2 diet and using pure Aloe Vera gel to detoxify and help drop fat. In the past I didn't have great success with 5:2 on its own but I was still intrigued with the benefits to the health markers such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure that Dr Michael Mosley investigated in his documentary. 
So by combining the 5:2 diet with Aloe Vera gel which has over 200 nutrients, vitamins and mineral and has been show to help the digestive system by cleansing it, enabling  the body to absorb the vital nutrients you consume as well as improving overall health, I thought I can’t lose! When losing weight you have to do what works for you.
I also use Garcinia Plus as it is also beneficial for weight loss as it suppresses appetite and blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase which is the one responsible for converting carbohydrates into fats and sugars. This means that any fat consumed never gets to make it to the cells but is instead excreted with the rest of the waste.
Bee pollen also has been known to help weight loss. I use this in my protocol as it gives you energy and when you are fasting, will need this energy boost. 
So here goes!

You will need:
  1. ·         High quality Aloe Vera gel (I Use FLP products now – product code 015)
  2. ·         High quality protein (I use Forever Ultra Lite with Aminotein – product code 324 or 325)
  3. ·         High quality Garcinia plus (Again I use FLP as it’s good and has chromium in it too – product code 071)
  4. ·       High quality Bee pollen (product code 026)

Now if you read my blog I have tried many supplements and diets and I honestly have to say the FLP products are extremely high quality – hence why I recommend them but you use whatever suits you.

You can buy products from here and they do ship worldwide.

Monday & Thursday (5:2 ish days)
2 Garcinia plus pills (20 mins before Aloe Vera)
120ml Aloe Vera Gel drink
2 Bee pollen and lots of water
2 Garcinia plus pills (20 mins before Aloe Vera)
120mls Aloe Vera Gel drink
2 Bee pollen

500 calorie meal
Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Substitute 1 meal a day with the Forever Lite Ultra protein. I choose to substitute breakfast but you can choose whichever meal you want, I also use soy milk instead of cows milk.
50ml Aloe Vera gel drink
1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300mls of skimmed or soy milk
Other meals & snacks
Eat as you want during the day. Do try to keep within 2000 calories but don’t count calories or over think these days.

1. On your normal days (I don’t like to say feast days, as in the past I did literally did feast!) you never want to feel deprived as this then leads to bingeing, so if you MUST have a chocolate bar or bag of chips, have them. 
2. Try to monitor your bodies hunger and satiation (satisfied) signals.
3. Eat when you feel hungry , if you’re not sure use a scale of 1 – 5,1 being full and satisfied and 5 meaning I can’t wait I will eat anything right now.
4. Try to be mindful of what you are eating and when you get that small signal saying you are full or getting there (for me its like a stretching elastic band at the top of my stomach) then stop. Just think to yourself if you REALLY still want to eat you can in 5 minutes – usually by then you aren’t bother (honestly it is possible to stop)
5. Eat what it is you really fancy – if you are hungry and you eat something you don’t want but feel that you have to have it cos  you are ‘being good’ then you will NEVER feel satisfied and will be longing for something ‘ naughty’. In my view nothing should be off limits – it’s a matter of being sensible with food choices and not overeating.
6. REMEMBER – You can’t go wrong – there is no wagon to fall off, if you end up wolfing down a whole chocolate cake for dinner then just wait until you are hungry again to eat OR you can decide to substitute the next meal with a protein shake or 120mls of Aloe Vera.

You can buy your supplies from here.

I want to hear from everyone trying this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me and let me know how you are getting on so leave a comment or email me.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Clean 9 detox - update on progress

Quick update - I got ill (nothing to do with Clean 9) so after day 2 I had to stop.
I did lose 4lbs in those 2 days though and to date I am still 3lbs down so that's pretty good.

I hope to do it again properly when i'm back 100%,  but 3lbs in 2 days isn't bad going is it!!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Clean 9 weight loss

Well from my last post you know 5:2 didn't work for me. My weight shot up even though my diet and exercise hadn't changed. I do realise this could possible be due to hormones ( as I recently came off contraceptive pills).

So to kick start some weight loss I have ordered the Clean 9 programme. If any one knows of it, it mayyyy seem a little drastic but I was particularly drawn to this one as it was all natural with no stimulants and caffeine (been there, done those!!!) .
It is Aloe based and from past experience I know it's a good natural plant so sounds good to me. It's 9 days of drinking Aloe vera, protein, supplements and small amounts of food to clean the digestive systems and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. It isn't a long term thing ( as I most definitely wouldn't last) but will get me in check to continue, and it's always nice to see some weight gone, it spurs me on.

I bought it from HigherVitality it wasn't cheap but TBH I've spent more on random stuff in the past so for me the benefits of the products far outweigh the cost.

I am currently 11st 11lbs (gasp!) fattest I have ever been. I aim to lose AT LEAST 7lbs but I'm hoping for more and yes I am more aware than most people that some of that may well be water weight but as I said earlier, it will encourage me to continue.

So keep your fingers crossed for me that this natural outlook on losing fat will help!

As always, I will keep ya'll informed. :-)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Is 5:2 diet all its made out to be??

I've done the 5:2 diet for coming up to 8 weeks now, (the last 2 weeks have really been 6:1) however the reason for the post is to question, if the 5:2 diet is really all its made out to be?

Now I can't verify that the other claims of the 5:2 diet have or haven't worked as I didn't have a baseline measurement for my cholesterol or all of the other 'health markers' that are meant to improve but I can say this, I haven't lost any weight AND I haven't lost any inches.

I did 5:2 for 6 weeks and followed the rules.
Did Mondays and Thursdays 500 calories per day and for the rest of the week I ate normal. Now the advice was to not stress over what you ate on feast days and I didn't. I ate what I wanted. My diet prior to starting was pretty poor and if i'm honest I must have been consuming anything from 14,000 - 16,000 calories per week.

The numbers

For a woman on a normal calorie intake of 2000 calories per day over a week (7 days) you'd consume 14,000 calories per week. So on this basis as long as I consume under 14,000 per week I should lose weight right?... wrong.

My numbers per week 

Week 1 - 12,500 calories
Week 2 - 12,500 calories
Week 3 - 12,695 calories
Week 4 - 13,142 calories
Week 5 - 14,000 calories est - No fasting
Week 6 - 12,500 calories

I did 5:2 and even when I did overeat on a feast day (which I did some days up to 2700 calories est) overall for the week I STILL consumed less that 14,000 calories.
So I should over 6 weeks have lost at least 2 there was a 6663 calorie deficit.

I lost nothing but more disappointing no inches either, plus I felt really bloated.

I was fully prepared to do this long term but this is just disappointing but I have continued to fast for the health benefits but TBH I am getting pretty despondent. I was really hoping for a lifestyle change...

Any help or explanation would really be appreciated right now as i'm close to quitting :-(